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Omega X-33 Undocumented Feature

x-331.jpg A first generation Omega X-33 is different than the later generations in that it has a polished bezel and a "regular" crown. The later models have a matte bezel and a crown that has ridges that runs around the sides in a circle. This is a much welcomed modification as it gives the user a better grip on the crown when pulling it out to set the various functions.

In the first generation X-33, the crown is so tight that it is darn near impossible to pull it out with the watch on your wrist. While I like the polished bezel, the old regular crown REALLY bothered me. You almost always have to remove the watch in order to set something simple like a countdown timer....or do you?


I was reading an old review on Timezone today. It appears that most watch functions can be set by pushing the crown in and holding it down for three seconds instead of pulling the crown out. This feature is undocumented in the "Operating Instructions". Interesting...

Thanks to Keith Downing for this tidbit.