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Google Reader: Easy Peasy! + Tips

logo.png PART DEUX Holy crap...even after a long day at the office, I managed to transfer all my Bloglines RSS subscriptions to Google Reader. I have lots, so how does one do this in no time flat? Easy! If you don't know about OPML, now's the time to figure it out.

From our friends at Wikipedia:

OPML (Outline Processor Markup Language) is an XML format for outlines. Originally developed by Radio UserLand as a native file format for an outliner application, it has since been adopted for other uses, the most common being to exchange lists of web feeds between web feed aggregators.

The OPML specification defines an outline as a hierarchical, ordered list of arbitrary elements. The specification is fairly open which makes it suitable for many types of list data.

Actually there is nothing to figure out. All you need to know is that this is a way for RSS feeds to be exported and imported.

So, in Bloglines, go to the bottom of the feeds and export the feeds to an OPML file onto your desktop. The file will be named export.opml. You to go Google Reader, and under Settings/Import Export...import the export.opml file and tada! You're done!

All I have to say is...schweet!


If you read a log of blogs, learning Google Reader keyboard commands will save you a ton of time. This is the best feature for my use anyway.

To figure out what the commands are, just type '?' anywhere in the Reader's screen.

Here's a quick run down of the commonly used ones. Definite well worth the time getting to know these. They are fairly obvious so I am pretty comfortable with them already:

  • j/k: next/previous item
  • n/p: scan down/up (list only)
  • o/enter: expand/collapse (list only)
  • s: star item
  • + s: share item
  • v: view original
  • m: mark item as read/unread
  • r: refresh
  • u: toggle full screen mode
  • + a: mark all as read