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Google Reader Rawks Hard!

logo.png I have been using Bloglines to read my RSS feeds, and have been happy with it. That is, until Chris Brogan came a long and start blathering on about Google Reader.

As you may know, I love Google. Like many geeks out there, even though we know that Google has grown into a huge monster, it is our favourite huge pet monster!

The reason why I wasn't already a big Google Reader fan is because the first version of Google Reader was slow, buggy,...and did I say slow?

The new Google Reader is not perfect, but MUCH better than the first version. It is SO good in fact that I'm going to do the switcher thing back from Bloglines. The current version is fast, has keyboard shortcuts (extremely valuable if you read a lot of blogs), and there is an ability to share what you are reading.

If you're currently a hater...go back and check it out. It'll be worth your time.

Great stuff...now I just need to migrate my links over.