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Ma.gnolia - Social Bookmarking

Ma.gnolia logo Recently, I've been checking out various "social bookmarking" sites. What is this? Well, first think of it as an online store of web links that you can see from any computer that is connected to the web. But, there's much more...

Social bookmarking allows you to "tag" your bookmark with labels that makes them easy to find again. I don't know about you, but I can't stand the way browsers make you store your bookmarks in a hierarchical format. What happens when I have a bookmark that is about consumerism as well as parenting--what folder do I put that link in? With tags, go ahead, use both consumerism AND parenting. Crazy, eh? Tags work the same as "categories" that you see on the right hand sidebar of this blog.

Based on the tags or description stored with the link records, you can find not only the bookmarks YOU have stored, but those of everyone else on Ma.gnolia. Through this, you may find some gems that would have taken a LOT of time to discover through trial and error clicking through Google search results.

Of all the social bookmarking sites, I am really digging Ma.gnolia (pun intended). Besides spending the time to design a gorgeous site, Ma.gnolia's features make it a great place for people to come together to share links.

The most interesting thing about Ma.gnolia is that there is an expressed interested in experimenting with features that will let their community harness its shared assets + relationships and turn it into something more. Where is this going to go? I'm not sure, but I'm interested in finding out. So, I'll be sticking around to play with the community features and participating.

Ma.gnolia is Highly recommended. Definitely worth checking out. You'll be hearing more about this from me in the future.