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OpenID - Get One Free!

Daniel Ho Uses OpenID What is OpenID?

OpenID is a decentralized Open Source system to verify one's online identity. Simply put, it is trying to solve the single sign-on problem without relying on any centralized website. The centralized solution has been tried by several companies such as Microsoft's Passport. The main issue here is that users like me don't want Microsoft or anyone else owning or storing our login identity or info in its centralized servers. OpenID users identify themselves by using an URI or XRI which they own. In my case, this is my blog homepage here at http://danielho.ca. If you don't own a blog or domain, when you sign up for an OpenID, you will be given a URI such as http://danielho.myopenid.com and that will be what you use to log into various sites.

How does this work?

From Wikipedia (which I know some of you don't think is a real source of information, but nonetheless, I like it...)

On OpenID-enabled sites, users do not need to register and manage a new account for every site before being granted access. Instead, they only need to be previously registered on a website with an OpenID "identity provider", sometimes called an i-broker. They can also link to this identity provider from another website they own and log in using that website's URI instead, allowing them to connect their identity to their website. A website which accepts sign-ins from OpenID is called a "relying party."

Currently OpenID is being used by AOL, Wikipedia, Ma.gnolia (which I love), and Technorati etc. For a full list, there is a OpenID directory. Heck it is even being adopted by evil Windows Vista

How do you get an OpenID?

There are a bunch of OpenID providers...to get one is FREE. A full list is here. I used MyOpenID by JanRain which is run by a good bunch of geeks out of Portland, Oregon.