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Moo Cards are Moolicious!

Moo Cards are Moolicious! Just got my Moo Cards today. What are they? They are delicious little bits of art with your contact info on the back!

What you do is go to your Flickr library, pick up to 100 images and use the online tools to crop the images, type some contact info on the back, and submit them to print.

They are $19.99 / ?14.99 / ?9.99 and are shipped from London, UK. This was all great until Canada Post decided to charge the GST and PST on the package. That's only a couple of bucks so no biggie, right? WRONG...you forgot...Canada Post tacks on another $5 handling/collection fee. @$%#&*!!!

The cards themselves turned out great. Nice thick card stock. Full colour on both sides. Beautiful satin finish.

I only put my name, email, and mobile numbers on the back. It makes sense for me to hand these out to people I meet at conferences and parties etc...when you aren't necessarily talking business. Something to leave behind to say "Hey! I enjoyed our chat, give me a shout sometime soon to continue..."

Try it, you'll like it. Art that's useful...hmm....