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Lefties Being Forced to Righties

I was looking at Joi's post about how he was a lefty in Japan and was forced to use his right hand. My story was pretty similar. I was left handed but am of an age where this was frowned upon when I was first schooled in Hong Kong. I was "taught strenuously" to be right handed. :-) Now, I function perfectly well using my right hand but I JUST realized that I actually throw better with my left hand. Hmmm...coulda been a basketball star! My father-in-law was a lefty as well...

Now my 3.5 year old son is showing signs of left-handedness. Besides having to learn to use my Japanese knives (traditionally right beveled--maybe easier to just buy custom left beveled ones) and stuff like scissors, smudging using fountain pens etc...I don't really see any real issue being a lefty.

What was the big deal? What am I missing here?