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What's On My MacBook

What?s On Daniel Ho?s MacBook? Lately, I have a few emails from people that know I use a Mac (what thinking person doesn't these days?) asking what apps are on my computer.

Here's a list of stuff that I use all the time.

Freebies/Part of OS X: - iPhoto - iTunes - iCal - Address Book - Disk Inventory X - Firefox - Mail.app - Skype (Free, but I have paid for various services and add-ons) - iChat with Chax - Adium - Cyberduck FTP/SFTP client - Twitterific - Tea Timer (Useful for keeping track of the parking meter when I'm not wearing a digital watch with alarm) - Audacity - Azureus - Flicker Exporter for iPhoto - Flip4Mac WMV Player - Google Earth - Handbrake - Mac The Ripper - PocketMac Sync Manager - TNEF's Enough - VNCThing - SSH Tunnel Manager - Gizmo Project - Gleam - Growl - Spanning Sync - Stuffit Expander - VLC - XCode - CoRD

Paid for Applications: - PGP - Parallels - BBEdit (Text Wrangler is almost as good...also, by Bare Bones and is FREE!) - Adobe CS2 (esp Photoshop) - FileMaker Pro - Roxio Toast - Super Duper - VueScan - Visual Hub