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Simplifymedia: Cool...remotely playing music right off buddies' iTunes library.

Simplify Media Very cool stuff.

As I type, I'm playing music from a buddy's iTunes library even though he's thousands of km away! Basically you download a small application from the Simplifymedia site (Mac and PC) and it allows you to invite up to 30 friends and share iTune libraries as long you and they are online.

If you try this, invite me. My "screen name" is...wait for it....danielho :-)

Here's the blurb from the Simplifymedia web:

Simplify Media software connects you through iTunes

Enjoy music from home while at work or school. Explore friends' music while they are online. Learn iTunes Download

Free ? No hidden charges. No spyware. Links let you buy music you want to own.

Easy ? Set-up is fast. No need to upload files to a website.

Safe ? Only your group can access what you are sharing, and no one can see your other files.

Legal ? Files are streamed only within your private group.

Universal ? Connect PCs and Macs without worrying about music format.