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Donald Trump is ALL Sizzle...

images.jpg From The Personal MBA blog:

Donald Trump is a good businessman? Guess again.

According to the July 6th edition of The New York Times Business Day, a $10,000 investment in Donald Trump?s 1994 IPO is worth approximately $636 today. (Hat tip to Tom Peters for the link.)

In 1994, The Donald had $900 million in personal debt and business debt of $3.5 billion. As a result, Trump skirted the edge of personal bankruptcy several times, and his hotels and casinos holding company emerged from bankruptcy and re-structuring in 2005.

It seems that, in a very real sense, Trump?s ?business? is more of a cult of personality than a profit-generating company. Trump has mastered the art of image, but there?s not much backing up his bluster.