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How To Switch Between Multiple Webmail Accounts

3255.png This is an issue that I've had for a while, but only recently got around to figuring it out.

I have multiple Gmail accounts for work, play, etc. To make things worse, I make extensive use of Google Reader and Notebook. To switch between the accounts, you have to log-out of one, and into another. Doing this many times a day was slowly driving me insane. So, I did what all self respecting geek would do (other than rolling their own solution)...I Googled!

Basically, I was looking for a solution that would let me swap between a few sets of "cookies", or the small set of data stored by Google on my computer's browser that includes my identity, the fact that I logged in successfully, etc. Fortunately, within a few minutes of starting my search, I found CookieSwap.

CookieSwap is an add-on to Firefox that does exactly what I was looking for!

"CookieSwap enables you to easily swap all your cookies so that you can be logged in to multiple web e-mail accounts (like Gmail and Yahoo! mail) at the same time and quickly switch between them.

CookieSwap is an extension that enables you to maintain numerous sets or 'profiles' of cookies that you can quickly swap between while browsing."

To personalize the profiles so that it doesn't say "Profile1", "Profile2" etc., more help in setting up the plugin is here.