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My First Camera...IS BACK!!!

Diana Camera This is IT. This is the camera that started it all. I was a probably about 4 years old in Hong Kong and received one of these as a gift. My father loaded up some black and white 120 film in it and off I went. I still remember taking snaps at the playground. I'm sure there prints are still somewhere at my folk's place.

LOMO, the plastic camera with a cult following is bringing back the "Diana" in exactly the same colour as I remembered. $50 with film...hmm... I'm addicted to digital photography and am not a Lomographer, so I'll probably pass. Finding it while surfing was a nice bit of nostalgia for me thought.

If you get one, let me know. And, more importantly, share your snaps!!!

The Grand History of the Diana Camera

Back in the 1960?s, a small firm in Hong Kong ? the Great Wall Plastics Factory ? created a dirt-cheap 120 camera called the ?Diana.? Crafted entirely of plastic, each camera cost about a dollar. As a mainstream product, the Diana was pretty much a failure ? and was discontinued in the 1970?s. But like any superstar cut down in their prime, the Diana?s posthumous appeal skyrocketed. As a cult artistic tool of avant-garde and lo-fi photographers, it was a rousing success! They loved its soft & dreamy images, super-saturated colors, unpredictable blurring, and random contrast. Diana shots are raw & gritty, with a character all their own. They simply cannot be duplicated by any other camera on Earth! In short order, the Diana rose to prominence as one of the most treasured and sought-after cult analog cameras from the late 70?s onward.