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Hmmm...May Need To Pick Up Instrument As "Plan B"

Naked Cowboy I've always wondered how much street performers make. The Kid did a nice show dancing around in SoHo when we were in NYC late last year. After reading this story, it seems like it isn't such a bad career choice! :-)

I caught this on the Music Nation site earlier but forgot until Guy Kawasaki posted it on Truemors today.

"It's hard enough standing on stage, pouring your heart out in front of a sea of strange faces. Try doing it while that sea is floating by (ie, on a street-corner). It takes guts, it takes balls, but, apparently, it also pays off. We checked in with a few of the metropolitan-maestros within walking distance of our office to get their stats. Consider the following as inspiration to get up, get out and do something. Sure, a gig at Madison Square Garden can buy you a mansion, but playing Union Square Station pays pretty good too."

Strange but true. The Naked Cowboy probably makes more money than you!

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