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Power, Passion, Inspiration - TED Talks with Benjamin Zander

A great talk at the TED Conference by Benjamin Zander on the ideas of possibility and inspiration. Benjamin Zander is not only a world-class speaker on leadership, but he's also the conductor of the Boston Philharmonic!

From the TED official blurb

Why you should listen to him: Since 1979, Benjamin Zander has been the conductor of the Boston Philharmonic. He is known around the world as both a guest conductor and a speaker on leadership -- and he's been known to do both in a single performance. He uses music to help people open their minds and create joyful harmonies that bring out the best in themselves and their colleagues. His provocative ideas about leadership are rooted in a partnership with Rosamund Stone Zander, with whom he co-wrote The Art of Possibility.

Spend 20 minutes watching the video. You'll be glad you did. Enjoy...