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Quebec to blame for tire shortage!

2453109763_065f2150f5.jpg Who knew? Well, I guess the people who actually read newspapers would.

It appears that my problems getting snow tires is due to a shortage caused by impending legislation in Quebec that makes snow tires mandatory. I'm not sure about creating more of a nanny state, and this new legislation completely messed up my tire supply, but you know what? Snow tires are a still good idea.

People that say you don't need anything besides "All-Season" tires in Toronto are nuts. Yeah, I mean even in the city. And, no, you shouldn't cheap out and only get 2 for the drive wheels. That is unless you don't plan on driving until the snow removal crews have been out to clear all streets (including side streets) and salted all roads. But, in that case, you may as well just leave your car parked all winter.

The men and women that take care of snow removal are often under resourced and overworked. I don't know about your street, but I live off a main road. Even when if main artery is cleared relatively quickly (and we don't have to call in the army), it can be days before they get to the side streets.

Even in my rear drive sedan, as long as I have clearance and snow tires, I'm driving around all the stuck SUVs with All-Season tires. Years ago, I've even pulled a SUV out of a ditch with a Civic outfitted with a set of snow tires. It seems that 4 wheel drive doesn't mean anything unless you have traction. Go figger...