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25 Random Things About Me...

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Here goes:

1. I have 2 cats. An orange tabby that we've had since uni and a mackerel tabby that followed us home one day about 6 years ago. As a result, I'm usually covered in cat hair. Lint rollers are a must at home and at the office.

2. While we have 2 nice TVs, my wife cancelled our cable subscription over a decade ago and as a result I watch almost no TV. It has been so long that TV watching is no longer a habit. Even while traveling now, I never turn the TV on in the hotel room. I do watch the occasional movie and TV series from DVD though.

3. Oh, don't tell anybody, but I have a soft spot for a good romantic comedies.

4. I think I have a mild form of OCD. As a result, when I get interested in something, I'll drill down and geek out to a point where most people will think it is unnatural to know that much detail.

5. Besides a quick glance at the papers at a newsstand or Google News, I don't read any new source during the week. On the weekend, I'll buy a weekend paper (usually FT Weekend) more for the fun sections to read when I'm having a coffee than anything else. Everything else I pick up by osmosis in my everyday transactions with people. There is really very little trade-off. I really haven't missed much over the years but have benefitted from not being mentally burdened by mostly inconsequential bad news/non-news.

6. I frequent a local cafe so often that when I sit down, the servers will bring me my "usual". I like it, but am thinking that I should mix it up a bit!

7. For a geek, there's something anachronistic about me that I haven't quite figured out yet. While I usually am carrying au courant geek toys, I also am a big fan of fountain pens, mechanical wristwatches, well made leather goods, etc. Maybe I'm just not limiting myself to contemporary geekiness.

8. I'm a card-carrying (Metropass?) city boy. While I love long canoe trips and generally being outdoors, I really need to be around the people, stuff and hustle that make up a vibrant neighbourhood and city.

9. I've loved photography since I was about 5 years old. There is even a picture of me with my first camera...a Hong Kong made Diana.

10. It irritates me when people complain about the snow and cold of winter...especially when it is February and they live in Canada. It is snowing out? Really? I'm shocked!

11. I love to travel but don't get a chance to do it nearly often enough. Over the years, I've traveled by only staying at 5 star hotels and have backpacked using shared bathroom facilities etc. Given the choice, I much prefer being less insulated from the places I'm visiting. A happy medium for me is renting a flat and living like a native.

12. I've has a mobile phone since 1985. While I like the convenience of having one, I don't like the intrusion. Friends think it is odd that I will selectively answer calls to my phone. I have to remind them that the phone is for MY convenience and not so that people can disrespect my time. Seriously, if you need something, send me an email. It's faster...

13. I spend a lot of time thinking about cooking, eating and drinking. Most of the magic happens in our city galley kitchen or on the patio over gas or charcoal using devices you may not have associated with cooking.

14. My kitchen knives are mostly handmade from Japan and are sharp...really sharp.

15. For the most part, I hate raw vegetables and especially raw crispy lettuce.

16. The most attractive thing about a human being is the ability to laugh and laugh at oneself.

17. I love working in my office but dread the thought of getting there. Really, it isn't a big deal but I have a psychological barrier in getting there especially in the winter. This is even when I just hop in the car and arrive 15 minutes later.

18. Cars are a past love for me. I think they are cool mechanical objects, and some have to be seen as beautiful rolling art, but I just don't enjoy driving anymore. The last fun drive I had was in a ZipCar BMW 3-Series along the twisty roads from San Francisco to Napa and back.

19. My palate has developed to like strong tastes. So, Single Islay Malt Scotch Whisky, cognac, highly spiced gins, spicy foods are my thang.

20. I am trying to eat a lot less carbs like white rice, pasta, bread, etc. but am finding it difficult. Not sure if this is cultural or the fact that my body is addicted to the sugar rush. Likely both.

21. I'm definitely the black sheep of the family. All my cousins have normal respectable jobs. Even after looking at my various websites and asking directly, my mom STILL has no idea what I do. I think she'd much rather that I became a doctor or an EVP at IBM or something.

22. I'm usually a huge supporter of the underdog. You'll hear me ranting about injustices that I see. I'm not always effective or successful, but I try in my small way to make the world a better place. So, yes, I have existential issues about my role in our world and whether I'm doing enough.

23. I admit to being not certain about most things in life, but I believe that our job is to take care of ourselves, each other, and the world in which we live. We need to see the world as a beautiful place that we can take care of and make better. I could be wrong, but with the imperfect information that we have...what are the alternatives?

24. To me, the benefit of frequent flyer status and airport lounges is to keep away from ill prepared, nervous flyers. That said, on about 30 percent of my flights I end up holding the hand of the person I'm sitting next to on takeoff and landing.

25. People will ask me for directions even though it is pretty obvious that I'm not a native. This happens daily regardless of whether I'm home or away traveling.

Whew...this took a bit longer than I expected.