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Feeling just a bit less bad about feeding The Kid

Evan in motion
Creative Commons License photo credit: djuggler Having spent a LOT of time thinking about food, learning where it comes from, sourcing fresh interesting ingredients, and caringly preparing it, I expected my progeny to care at least a little bit about food. Well, even with the best intentions of introducing a wide variety of food to The Kid as soon as he could eat solid foods (his first human food was the now politically incorrect Shark Fin Soup), it turns out that he really only likes a few thing. Of course we continue to try and have him try new foods, but I've pretty much resigned myself to the fact that he's a starchoholic that sometimes like plainly cooked chicken dipped in soy sauce.

Well, it seems like I'm not alone. I was flipping through a magazine and noted that Jean-Georges Vongerichten, the Chef of Jean Georges, Spice Market, and 14 other restaurants apparently has the same issue with his 8-year-old daughter, Zoe.

"I'm a chef who likes to experiment, and I have a daughter who eats only starch"

If JGV with 5 Michelin stars and a foodie of legend is in the same boat, I'll let the issue slide for a while. At least I picked up a great buttermilk pancake recipe from the article.

Hopefully, The Kid will be more interested in food later on. Then again, I'm not exactly holding my breath. His college-aged cousin will still only eat very plain starches and beef. *shrug*