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A Toronto-based management consultant who spends too much time thinking about coffee, riding around on two wheels, photography, books, and fried chicken!

Trek Lime

Trek Lime Light Coasting

As you all know, I love bikes and spend a lot of effort tweeking various bikes' components. Shifting and thinking about shifters, derailleurs etc. turns my crank, if you will. My wife on the other hand, would rather not bother with any of it at all. To her, a bike is a simple tool to get from A to B.

When looking for a bike, we saw a Trek Lime with automatic 3 speed shifting by Shimano.

It is a bit odd at first (to me anyway) that a bike would or could shift by itself. The technology, called "Coasting," was built by Shimano, a heavy weight in bike components (and fishing, of all things).

A dynamo in the front hub generates electricity and sends information about the rpm of the wheel to a computer near the bottom bracket of the bike. The control box then shifts the planetary gears located on the back hub.

It isn't made for racing, but rather to get the masses that haven't ridden a bike since they were children to give it another go. I was skeptical at first, but it does work...and works well. Give it a go. If you're in the group that doesn't love shifting and working out gear ratio, this could be for you.

Oh, the bike is built generally of good quality components. I had to add a rear rack and am looking for a front fender to make it a more practical city bike, but I can't really find fault in the bike based on the intended market and price point.