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Rant: What's with not being able to play podcasts while using Nano with Nike+

Nike + Sports KitOK, I'm not sure what's going on. It is either a bug, or a feature that only I want, but it makes not sense to me. I'm happily logging my running kilometers on my Apple iPod Nano using the Nike+ iPod Sports Kit. You can use it to play your Playlists, or all your songs in shuffle mode while working out. You can even store a "power song" (which I'm guessing is Eye of the Tiger on most iPods) to perk you up when your energy is waning during the workout BUT, for some reason, podcasts isn't on the list of sources when you go to start a Nike+ workout.

What gives with that? Yes, I like my tunes, but what's wrong with listening to a podcast while running?

Here's the workaround: You can start playing your podcast BEFORE clicking on Nike+iPod. From the Nike+iPod menu, choose the workout you wish to do as usual. Then, choose "Now Playing" as your music source.

Irritating, but at least it works. Hopefully, Apple will work on this in a future release of the iPod firmware.