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Restoring Fido and Rogers iPhone Tethering on iPhoneOS 3.1 or 3.12

tethering-iphone-20090608If you are like me, you HAD to have iPhone tethering even though it wasn't supported yet. So, you poked around on the web and found/hacked a profile config file for Fido/Rogers and installed it. Well, as of iPhoneOS 3.1, the iPhone will not accept unsigned config files (unless you have jailbroken); as such, this file will no longer work. This means that if you have the unsigned config file, your tethering option will disappear.

However, seeing as Rogers/Fido has officially embraced tethering (for now). If you have the hacked and unsigned config file installed it (or any similar file for other carriers, like AT&T, T-Mobile, etc.) and upgraded to iPhoneOS 3.1 or 3.1.2, you will need to remove it.

Open Settings > General > Profiles (at the bottom). Remove the profile you see there. Tethering should now show up for you.

Enjoy! The credit for this goes to http://cdslash.net/about/ who helped me work out the whole config file thing in the first place...