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Cure for sqeeky Brooks saddle

As some of you know, I love leather saddles for bikes, and I have a special fondness for Brooks B17 for long distance riding.? The Brooks saddles provide great support for your ischial tuberosities (otherwise known as "sit bones") so that you can ride for hours at a time without any discomfort.? Also, because you're sitting on your sit bones and not your perineum, that area doesn't get numb from riding either.? There...that's your tip of the day.? Ride a Brooks saddle and be a LOT more comfortable on your bike. That said, my saddle developed a squeak that was making me a bit insane.? After looking at where the sound could be coming from, I took matters in to my own hands and tried to squelch the nasty squeak with some lube.? After looking at how the saddle was manufactured, I worked out that the squeak was coming from the tensioning bolt.? If you apply a couple drop of oil to the bolt threads (see diagram)...silence