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iPhone 3GS Loses Ability to Connect to 3G Network After Upgrade to iOS 4

This is just a note for others that may be having the same issue.? I'm not sure why, and there doesn't seem to be a fix that consistently works, but here's my experience with this. Issue:? My iPhone 3GS was working fine prior to upgrading to iOS 4.? Once I did that, I couldn't connect to the 3G network anymore even though all the apps worked while connecting via wifi.? I tried turning the Airplane Mode on and off, rebooting, etc. etc.? Nothing worked.? It was completely frustrating!

Fix:? YMMV, as I'm on the Fido network in Canada, but this what I did.? I have to do this every time there is an update as well.? I went to Settings/General/Reset/Reset Network Settings? Once I did this, the iPhone restarted, searched for a network, and everything worked again.

If you try this, you're on your own, but it worked for me.? Good luck!