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Changing the Footer in the Thesis Wordpress Theme

Only those who purchase a Thesis Theme Developers Option are authorized to remove the Thesis Theme attribution in the footer.

A lot of times people want to customize their footer to add copyright notices or other information. This how to change your Thesis footer link from saying "using a Custom Footer Hook.

Step 1: Open your custom_functions.php file (thesis > custom > custom_functions.php) in your favorite editor

Step 2: Underneath the example code already in the file, place the following code:

/* Custom Footer Hook */

remove_action('thesis_hook_footer', 'thesis_attribution');

function add_custom_footer () {


<p>? 2010 yourblog.com ? All rights reserved. ? <a href="http://www.yourblog.com/privacy-policy/">Privacy Policy</a></p>

<p>No content on this site may be reused in any fashion without written permission from Ourblog.com or whatever you want your footer to include</p>



add_action('thesis_hook_footer', 'add_custom_footer');

What does this do?

The remove_action(?thesis_hook_footer?, ?thesis_attribution?); tells Thesis that you wish to remove the regular default Thesis footer function "thesis_attribution" from the "thesis_hook_footer".

The word ?function? tells Thesis you want it to do something. The add_custom_footer is the name of the new function.

The HTML for what you want to appear in the footer is added and then the add_action(?thesis_hook_footer?, ?add_custom_footer?); line tells Thesis to add a function to the thesis_hook_footer (the hook that creates the footer) and the function you want to add is the one we created ? add_custom_footer.

So, the code above essentially says ?Hey Thesis, please remove the code (thesis_attribution) you put into the footer (thesis_hook_footer) by default and replace it with our code (add_custom_footer). You can do that with any hook function you?d like.