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Excellent Customer Service from Crank Brothers

A couple of years ago, I bought a Crank Brothers multi17 tool.? Although I don't baby my tools, I don't abuse them either. I carry this tool as part of my cycling kit and it likely gets more use than all my other bike tools. Somehow, I managed to completely twist one of the hex keys out of the tool. An email to Crank Brothers asking about the possibility of buying another part, yielded a quick reply that they would send me the part free of charge.

They also said that I could RMA that whole tool for refurbishment/repair as I'd mentioned that the pin holding everything together was also a bit bent.? This seemed like a good deal to me, but before I could fill out the RMA...

I got a package from them...

They sent me a new tool with some cool stickers to boot.? No fuss, no hassle.

Crank Brothers make great products, and just as importantly, they stand behind them!? Highly recommended.