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"NATO" replacement strap for Suunto Observer watch

The Suunto Observer is a solid outdoors watch that I like very much. However, over time the rubber strap degrades and gets brittle to the point of crumbling.

While looking for a replacement strap, I noticed that the Suunto replacement strap was about $50. This, I thought, was a bit spendy for a rubber strap.

When I went to look at how the custom strap was attached, I thought that a slim NATO strap would work. So, I took out my handy calipers to do some quick measurements.

I ordered a thin 18mm NATO strap in drab green and here is the result. The cost was less than $20 and I think it looks great. Not using the original strap doesn't make the watch look strange.

To my mind, the NATO strap is more functional and secure than the original. The green in the strap also matches the green tone of the LCD.

I'm sorry I didn't figure this out sooner!

I bought mine off eBay, but here's an Amazon store that has the same thing:

18mm NATO G10 Green Nylon Military Watch Band Strap