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Getting back to running

20131106-233117.jpg As most of you know, I'm a bit of a road cycling nut. Now that it is getting colder here in Toronto, riding for anything besides commuting isn't nearly as fun.

I need another exercise to keep me from exploding from my other interests of cooking, eating and drinking! So, I thought...why not run?

I was a fat kid and lost my weight from running frequently...almost obsessively.

Who knew that I'd be decent at endurance sports? This possibility was never explored during my childhood over the many boring or traumatizing 45 minute gym classes. Who know the fat kid would one day run hours at a time or ride a couple hundred km without too much effort?

Anyway, the running was a long time ago. The shoes I started on are now having their 30th anniversary! I'm totally dating myself with this tidbit.

I've picked up some new snazzy Nikes and made a declaration on Twitter and Facebook that I'm going to run my first 50 km in 30 days! This is no big deal for a "real" runner. Without this goal and the possibility of public shaming, it will be an effort to get me going regularly again.

I'm also using the Nike+ site to help me along by gamifying the goal.

So here goes! I started this morning logging 3.5 km but Nike+ only recorded 2.5 km as the iPhone ran out of charge. To make matters worse, it was raining then and it is raining now.

Here's hoping for nicer weather tomorrow morning. So far, the forecast looks OK. We'll see...