Daniel Ho

Amor Fati

A Toronto-based management consultant who spends too much time thinking about coffee, riding around on two wheels, taking photographs, reading books, eating fried chicken, and generally tinkering.

Daniel Ho is a fairly common name it seems. So...

Who am I?

This Daniel Ho is a Toronto, Canada based:

    Father and husband

    Management Consultant




     Amateur photographer

    Avid cyclist

•  Motorcyclist


    Lover of books

    Brewer of coffee

    Slave driver of technology

    Bon Vivant


What I've done

Things thing Daniel Ho is or has been:

    Entrepreneurial whiz kid

    Fad promoter

    Science nerd (yes, he has won science fairs)

    Lab rat

    Operator in fat rendering plant (worst job ever!)

    Professional photographer

    Professional beer lab tech

    Professional accountant

    Finance nerd

    Amateur classical musician


    Expert on La Pavoni espresso machines


This Daniel Ho is NOT...

     Grammy winning Hawaiian slack key guitarist

    The guy on Discovery TV trying to "save you from domestic perfection!"

Rules I Live by

(besides the Golden Rule that your parents taught you as a child)

    GIVE VALUE by helping other people achieve their goals and dreams.

    BE PASSIONATE and LOVE what you do.

    BE THE BEST at what you do.


    HAVE FUN everyday.


See my LinkedIn Profile for the current deal on the business side of things. Here's a quick rundown...

Matrix Meridian Corporation

I'm the Managing Director at Matrix Meridian Corporation. We're a Toronto based management consultancy specializing in helping organizations grow by managing and optimizing their Strategy, Technology, and People.

While we have large financial institutions and government agencies as clients, we also have a growing practice involving various non-profits, and labour unions.

Take a look and let me know if you think we can work together.

Geeky Interests

    Computers and Technology, of course. Yes, don't laugh...I'm a card carrying member of the IEEE and a Ham Radio Operator.

    Photography. I used to be a big film buff, but now I'm addicted to digital.

    Pavoni Europiccola espresso machines. This is the how-to page that I created more than a decade ago, and I'm STILL getting email from other owners. It is probably time to update the site. [10/08/20 - I just did update it! Take a look here.. How to Use a La Pavoni Manual Lever Espresso Machine

    Watches. Yes, wristwatches. I know it is archaic but there is something comforting about having a well running mechanical timepiece on your wrist. That said, I am a bit fond of nice quartz watches too. Don't tell any of the watch geeks out there that I said that! Timezone.com is probably THE authoritative source on the web...not to mention the fact that they are one of our long-term clients. :-)

    To supplement my geeky interests, of course I have geeky blogs. There is Coffee Gurus and Cooking Gurus.



I live in Toronto, Ontario, Canada with my long suffering wife, The Kid and a couple of cats (although The Kid is angling for a dog...apparently a REALLY BIG dog!)?

Update (October 18, 2010): The really big dog turned out to be not so large, but is very cute!